Joseph Etienne Bio: Experience and Skills

When doing impersonations as a kid, Joseph Etienne never dreamed that he could (or would) end up doing voice over work for a living. In fact, he took a bit of a detour, getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and working as a systems software engineer before realizing that voice over was his true passion, and he needed to act on it.

In 2014, Joseph enrolled in an Internet Radio Announcing course at the Columbia School of Broadcasting (now Dream2Destiny). He took courses on Tags, Promos, Anchor Roles (news, weather, and sports) as well as classes related to on-camera work.

Through these courses he discovered voice over work, went in that direction, and never looked back.

Joseph has innate talents that characterize a successful male voice over professional.



Augmenting this innate talent is instruction from some of the voice over industry’s best and brightest.

  • Rodney Saulsberry – Joseph’s current coach and one of the country’s leading voice over professionals
  • Joe Loesch – Past Coach at Edge Studio, a prestigious U.S. voice over school
  • Bruce Kronenberg – Past Coach from Abacus Entertainment, NYC
  • Val Kelly – Past Coach from Mid Atlantic VO, LLC

In addition to creating and producing demos, Joseph has done comprehensive study of:

  • Script Analysis
  • Dialects
  • Character Creation
  • Voice over Marketing
  • And more!

Joseph is on the talent lists of two top-notch agencies for U.S. voice actors


1230 West Morehead St.
Suite 210
Charlotte, NC 28208


4241 W. 63rd St.
Chicago, IL 60629
(773) 585-5843

He is non-union and an active member of WoVO, the World Voices Organization, Inc.

Beside his voice over career, Joseph also has a passion for health and fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer. He also likes to write and compose music when he has the time.

Born in Germany to military parents, Joseph currently lives in Woodbridge, VA, with his wife and continues perfecting his skills to become an influential presence in the voice over industry.
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